Piccola Cucina

Piccola Cucina

Italian food is always a good idea but Piccola Cucina’s authentic Sicilian dishes are a must if you’re in New York City.

Nestled in New York’s Soho district is a tiny but lively Italian restaurant aptly named Piccola Cucina. The waiters and chefs couldn’t be more Italian, always happy, anything is possible and everything is “bello”. Their intimate 30 seat restaurant feels like it is pouring out onto Spring Street. On one side, the restaurant boasts floor to ceiling glass windows, whilst on the other, is a bustling kitchen of only three chefs casually cooking some of the best Italian food in New York.

The food really is outstanding! I highly recommend to start with a selection of appetizers: the deconstructed melanzane parmigiana, a plate of arancini catanesi, the crispy calamari, topped off with a molto grande Burrata. You cannot go wrong! To continue the feast, my personal favourite pasta dishes are the lobster linguine served with half grilled lobster and tomato sauce, and the cavatelli pasta in lamb ragu with porcini mushrooms and ragusano cheese. All of their pastas are fresh and homemade, and delightfully presented in a warm saucepan. At this point I’m usually quite full, but for dessert, a little cannoli never hurt anyone.

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