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On Sunday, I attended the One Love Manchester concert, held in tribute to the victims of the attack on 22nd May 2017. In just one week Ariana Grande, her team and hundreds (if not thousands) of Mancunians organised one of the most sensational concerts we've ever had. As expected, security was tight, but everyone was happy to empty their bags and pockets, helping to ensure everybody's safety. There was a genuine, safe and friendly feeling between us all. No one argued over a spilled drink, and we laughed over the state of the port-a-loos. We caught a glimpse of a police officer dancing hand-in-hand with some young fans. One security guard in the stands, who was pumping up the crowd before the show, prompted a massive cheer and applause from all 50,000 of us. There were so many heart-warming and special moments throughout the show. Thank you so much to all of the organisers who probably didn't get much sleep that week, booking insane talent, choosing the perfect songs and words to say, collecting video messages from around the world, building the stage, coordinating set changes, selling tickets, updating the attendees, ensuring a safe event, loading confetti canons, making t-shirts, printing bracelets, carpeting the cricket field, loading the food and drinks stands, filming and broadcasting the event to the entire world, putting together the perfect tribute.