Reportage Gallery

Reportage Gallery

I am delighted to share photos and details from a very special young woman’s 21st Birthday celebration that took place a few months ago. Lizzie asked for a memorable and unique event, and with her family’s love for ping pong in mind, we chose the Bounce ping pong bar, restaurant and club in Farringdon, London. Instead of hiring one of the secluded private dining areas, we booked out the upper restaurant and bar space so that Lizzie’s party would remain private, yet still feel like a part of the venue and in the same vibrant ambience.

Keeping the decorations to a minimum, we installed a giant balloon wall by Bubblegum Balloons. It was an excellent backdrop for photos and immediately drew everyone over to the bar. The bar was a highlight of the restaurant space, with a giant “BAR OPEN” neon sign above it.

An important aspect to any event is the food, and Bounce far exceeded our expectations. Their menu included the traditional American-style pizzas, hot dogs and sliders, presented beautifully on long sharing plates and very tasty! A couple bottles of champagne later and the party was in full swing!

A birthday of course would not be complete without cake. Lizzie’s family selected a delicious carrot cake topped with doughnuts, macarons, maltesers and drizzled in chocolate by the brilliant Anges de Sucre. I sneaked a piece for myself and it was delicious! For more details on this fabulous cake, check out their blog post from the event.

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